Morning After Magic: The Benefits of IV Hydration for Hangovers

young adult man waking up hangover headache

The alarm goes off, and you half-open one eye. Head pounding and stomach churning, hazy memories of beer pong and tequila shots gradually slide their way into your consciousness. Yep, you’ve got a world-class hangover.

Hangovers are nothing new. Ever since we humans decided that if one drink was wonderful, six would be better, we’ve paid the awful morning-after price.

And the price is a steep one. It’s not just your personal, physical anguish. Did you know that heavy drinking costs the U.S economy $249 billion dollars? And, 70% of that cost results from losses in workplace productivity. 

If the hot coffee-OTC pain killer route isn’t working for you, you may be ready to try something different. Enter IV hydration for hangovers. Before we look into this new therapy, let’s start with some basics.


A hangover is a nasty collection of symptoms that appear after a night of heavy drinking. Perhaps you’ve experienced one or more of them:

  • Fatigue 
  • Excessive thirst and dry mouth
  • Headaches and muscle aches
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Poor or decreased sleep
  • Increased sensitivity to light and sound
  • Dizziness 
  • Shakiness
  • Decreased ability to concentrate

a Hangover?

Simply put, a hangover is caused by putting more alcohol into your body than it can process. Let’s a take a look at how, exactly, that happens.

First off, when you drink, you’re putting a lot of liquid into your body. That liquid has to go somewhere, so you urinate more frequently. Frequent urination can lead to dehydration. That can explain why your mouth is dry and cottony, and why you’re so thirsty when you wake up.

Second, alcohol can irritate the lining of your stomach, especially if you’re knocking back vodka shots in rapid succession. Double that if you haven’t eaten. That irritation can give you heartburn and make you nauseated.

Some alcohol contains a lot of sugar, or you may mix the booze with sugary soft drinks. An excess amount of sugar can spike your blood sugar and then crash it. Low blood sugar can leave you feeling sweaty and shaky. 

Finally, alcohol can make you sleepy, but it actually prevents the deeper stages of sleep. You may wake up several times at night, which can leave you feeling groggy and tired the next day.

of Getting a Hangover?

Drinking on an empty stomach can make a hangover worse. If you don’t have food in your stomach, your body will absorb the alcohol more quickly.

Not sleeping well or enough after a night of drinking also ups your chances. Alcohol interrupts the sleep cycle, which contributes to your fatigue and grogginess the next day.

Smoking may also make a hangover worse. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why, but there is some evidence that nicotine may increase your morning-after misery.

Drinking darker colored alcoholic beverages can produce a hangover or make one even worseDarker colored drinks often contain a high volume of congeners and may be more likely to produce a hangover. So, bourbon may be worse for you than vodka.

for Hangovers

Once restricted to hospitals and doctors’ offices, IV treatments are now available at clinics across the country. They’re not limited to people fighting the flu or an infection. IV hydration is now being used to fight hangovers.

The IV delivery method allows fluids, pain medication, vitamins and minerals to be rapidly absorbed by the body without having to go through the digestive tract. Fans of the treatment say that’s especially helpful when they’re sick to their stomach and having trouble keeping liquids down. 

Remember that alcohol is a diuretic. People who drink too much too quickly can get dehydrated. For some patients, IV hydration makes them feel better, just because they’re getting a lot of fluid in a short amount of time.

Most clinics offer much more in the IV than just fluid. For example, the IV may deliver Vitamin B12. That can help prevent memory loss and improve concentration. It can also help to boost your energy levels.

IV treatment may also provide B-Complex Vitamins. Those are a combination of eight vitamins that support your cardiovascular system. They also help your body convert food into energy and boost your immune function.

Magnesium will help to relax the muscles as well as improve nervous system function in order to help improve hangover symptoms.

You might also receive an anti-nausea medication to settle your stomach and an anti-inflammatory medication, similar to ibuprofen. That’ll help ease your headache. One added bonus is that often the anti-nausea medication and the pain reliever are stronger than what you could get over the counter.

Our IV vitamin solution contains a combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

IV Hydration for Hangovers?

Anyone who had a little too much to drink the night before and woke up feeling horrible. You might be an executive who entertained clients over multiple bottles wine until the wee hours of the morning and now faces a sales presentation and a gargantuan hangover.

Or, you might be a mom who had a few too many glasses of wine with the girls last night and is now staring at a long day with toddlers.

Does it Work?

It’s an easy process that you can do first thing in the morning to help you feel better right away and be in great shape for whatever you have planned. The treatment takes less than an hour and our medical specialists oversee every step. 

You can book an appointment on line or over the phone. When you arrive, we’ll do a quick consult to assess your needs and help you pick out the IV treatment that’s best for you. Then, you can sit back and relax while we deliver the therapy.

Other Benefits?

Absolutely. IV therapy can help boost your immune system, so you’re better protected against colds and the flu. It can also help you recover from jet lag, migraines and muscle cramps.


Does this sound like a solution you’d like to learn more about?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about IV hydration for hangovers. Feel free to contact us by email, by phone or book an appointment online.