Sleep disturbances, hot flashes, poor memory, fatigue, depression and weak bones are
just some of the signs of hormone imbalance..

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What are Hormones?
and how do they
affect health?

As chemical messengers, hormones are involved in many crucial functions in the body such as growth, fertility, metabolism and bone health. While testosterone is the major hormone in men that gives them gender-specific attributes, women predominantly have

Testosterone levels start to increase at puberty, reach their peak in late teen years and
begin to drop after the age of 30. Every year after this age, the levels of this hormone
continue to decrease. The hormone controls everything from fertility, sexuality to bone
mass and muscle strength. Low testosterone levels can also lead to mood changes,
anxiety or depression.

The hormone boosts neurotransmitters which in turn promote tissue growth while being an
important ingredient in protein synthesis. With low levels of the hormone, muscle building
becomes difficult even with exercise.

Testosterone steps up bone density apart from boosting fat metabolism.

Low levels of hormones?

As testosterone and estrogen control almost every function in the body, there can be wide-ranging symptoms when there are low levels of these hormones including:

Increased body fat


Poor muscle strength and bulk

Depression and anxiety

Difficulty sleeping

Poor bone strength

Wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of hair

Fatigue and irritability

Hot flashes

Water retention and bloating

Increased risk of heart disease

Reduced sexual desire

Low testosterone levels are linked to oxidative damage, poor nutritional status and sub-
optimal liver function. Oxidative damage can cause wide-ranging illnesses apart from
accelerating the aging process, cancers, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and Alzheimer's.
Declining levels of testosterone affect alertness and cognition, apart from leading to
"metabolic syndrome" which is a term used to describe a combination of high blood
pressure, cholesterol and excess abdominal fat.

Hormone Replacement

At Zativa Life, we are committed to offering the most comprehensive solutions that bring
about a radical improvement in health and quality of life. Our certified and highly trained
team of medical specialists administer customized hormone replacement therapy to
restore vitality, skin health and mood while preventing chronic illnesses.

We have a deep understanding of how the imbalance of various hormones affects overall
health and the aging process. We aim to correct this imbalance with a holistic approach
that goes beyond just administering testosterone. Our goal is to restore the balance which
enables the body to utilize testosterone optimally, leading to improved well-being.

Our hormone replacement therapy is highly effective in:

Boosting energy and mood

Promoting muscle mass

Improving body composition

Addressing erectile dysfunction

Enhancing memory

Speeding up recovery from illness, injuries or intense exercise

Alleviating symptoms of arthritis, joint and muscle pain

Boosting happy hormones to get rid of depression and anxiety

Improving sleep quality

Improving sexual desire, quality and activity

Promoting fat burning and preventing obesity

Fighting age-related chronic illnesses

Get your life back with hormone replacement therapy.
Contact us today to know more.